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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sins of Scripture

Bishop Spong is giving me much food for thought.  I really don’t believe that God wants us to simply accept everything we are told about Him at face value.  I feel “called” to dig deeper, to study, and also to use the brain He gave me to think about what I find and use the … Continue reading »

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40 Days of Meditation

I had never thought of the day of Jesus’ Ascension as a holiday until this year.  I’m not all that familiar with Catholic holidays, but I don’t think very many Protestant churches in the United States celebrate the Ascension.  Oh, the minister preaches about it.  We know it happened between Easter and Pentecost, and we … Continue reading »

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Digging Deeper

One of the things I am getting from the classes I’m taking is a wider perspective on religion as a whole.  The book we are using for my current class is God is Not One by Stephen Prothero.  The text is broken into chapters that each cover a different major religion.  Most of them are the … Continue reading »

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Plotting a Path

This is my oldest website.  I say website instead of blog because it wasn’t a blog in the beginning.  It was a place for our family to post photos and keep in touch with far-flung members.  As time passed, we all grew more busy and the grandchildren grew up.  Posting here became sporadic.  Then it … Continue reading »

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