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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Testing, testing, this is a test….

I’ve added a new share plugin to this site, along with an SEO package.  Now to see how it all works.  The share buttons didn’t show up on the old posts.  This is just a short note to make sure they are working.  Apparently, the share icons don’t show up until you click the comment … Continue reading »

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Reading to Write

See how cleverly I am promoting my writing blog?  This post is all about the reason I haven’t had time to write more.  It’s because I’m so busy reading.  ;~D. Actually, I’ve been busy with the “My Name Is Not Bob” April Platform Building Challenge.  It’s a series of blog posts by Robert Brewer whose … Continue reading »

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Life in Flux

Things are always changing.  Every time we think we’ve got it all figured out, it changes.  The old saying “change or die” refers to the idea that everything in nature is either growing or dying.  I am definitely not dying yet. Jeanne has commented to me several times lately that the mothers of several of … Continue reading »

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