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My History

This website started as a private operation, designed for the sharing of pictures and news relating to our family. It was meant to be a place where we could keep in touch and engage in conversations.  It operated that way for a number of years.  However, things change as children grow up and lately, it has felt like an “empty nest.”  So, I’ve decided it’s time for to remodel.  The look and feel may change frequently for a while, until I get settled in again.  I’m not sure yet exactly what it will turn out to be.  At the moment, I’m thinking a little bit of memoir spiced with genealogy, an inspirational section, maybe some staying healthy research and review, and a smattering of adjusting a 1950s child to a 21st century lifestyle.  Whatever it is when the dust settles will be a public offering.

Autobiographical Info:

I, The Mamaw, am the eldest of our branch of the families. Our parents were John A.(Kelsie) Pearson and Mildred S. Moore. My father’s family is from Ohio and my mother’s from Kentucky. They met during the depression, when he was stationed at the Fort Knox army post. However, they didn’t marry until November of 1942 after a five year courtship.

This is my favorite photo of Daddy, Me, and Mamma

I am the oldest of their five children and the only girl. My oldest brother, John E. (Eddie) Pearson passed away several years ago.  The remaining four of us all live in Madisonville, Ky at present, but our extended family is scattered over seven states and three continents.

My youngest brother, Jim, and I both work with computers. He is a professional photographer that works for our local newspaper and maintains their computer system. He has 24 years of Air Force experience in photography and computers.

I have about 20 years of computer operations experience with a couple of Associate Degrees in computer related fields and a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism/Creative Writing.   Jim and I are the family webmasters and operate a small part-time web design business.

Our other two brothers are David and Dannye, who are twins. They are retired after working for the City of Madisonville for about 30 years each. Dannye is married and has two children. Davie, like Jim, has avoided romantic entanglements. I have been married twice(currently not)and have five children (all grown and scattered), twelve grandchildren (likewise), and 2 3/4 great grandchildren.

Our mother had only one brother, who is deceased. He had six children, two of whom live in Pennsylvania. The other four live in Kentucky, three of them in Madisonville.  All have grown children and a scattering of grand-children. Sadly, even though we live in the same town, we seldom see each other except for random meetings at the grocery store or hospital.

Our father was a middle child out of fourteen. All his brothers and sisters are deceased except the youngest. She still lives in Ohio, where they were all born and raised. I have lost count of how many children they had. That side of the family is scattered from Japan, to Australia, and all across the states. I have never even met many of them.  We are currently working on the family genealogy and Jim has started a new website devoted to that.

We currently operate or are directly involved in the upkeep of multiple websites.  One thing I will be adding here is a Blog Roll Section of all those.