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Do you remember the time …

A Spiritual Journey

We all grow up with a cultural background.  Some will include a heavy religious influence while others will be noticeably lacking in that area. Whether or not it is included in the beginning, sooner or later, religion will touch our lives.  Even the most rabid of atheists have been touched by religion.  Humans in all … Continue reading »

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You’d Better Be Good

I guess I’ve been living in some kind of “three monkeys” world, but I had never heard of the “Elf on the Shelf” until this year.  After reading the post by Kasie Whitener over at Life on Clemson Road about the “Elfing,” I did a little research and found out parents have been using these … Continue reading »

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Life’s Joys

I hear so many people wish to recover their youth.  Other than a longing for a slimmer, stronger body, there is nothing in my past that I would be interested in reliving.  I don’t want to go back and change it.  That might cancel out many of my joys.  Although, for most of my years, … Continue reading »

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Hanging On

Relationships are complicated and they never really end.  Even when you have no contact for years, the memory of that previous life still links you together.  Yesterday, I found out that my second ex-husband is dying.  I haven’t talked to him in more than 15 years.  The only time I’ve seen him since then was … Continue reading »

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My Church Background

I was raised in the church.  When I say church, I don’t mean Protestant or Catholic, I mean Christian.  We attended the First Christian Church in my hometown, but my real religious education came from bible readings and devotionals at the dinner table every night.  In the beginning, it was just listening while Mom or … Continue reading »

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