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Planning the Workouts

Posted by on March 31, 2016
Adjusting the Menu: 
According to My Plate, for my age, height, and weight, my base recommendation to lose 1 pound a week is 1330 calories. Of course, the more active I am, the more calories I can add. I’ve always found that I lose more by increasing activity than by reducing calories anyway.  In any case, my goal is 1/2 pound a week, so I can go over the recommendation.

On Thursday, I had Wheaties with a small banana, a spoonful of sugar, and just enough milk to cover for breakfast. Leftover ham and deviled eggs with tea for lunch. Then ate the last piece of cherry pie to remove temptation for later in the week when I’m really working on the plan.  For dinner, I tried to compensate for the earlier indulgence with a salad, but I was still over my daily goal by about 200 calories.  So, that will have to be my cheat day for this week.  On Friday, I managed to stay 148 calories under the goal.  This is my normal methodology.  My hope is to come out under the goal by the end of the week.

I spent the afternoon watching workout videos to choose which ones I can successfully do now and which will need to wait for a gain in strength. I’m thinking I may switch up the crunchless abs for pilates for a week or so. It looks more doable at my present level.
I also discovered a David Carradine’s Tai Chi DVD that I don’t remember having. It looks like it’s very old, the girls doing the routine have “big hair” and a couple of the guys have Tom Selleck mustaches. They’re all wearing white “gogo” type boots and Star Trek looking outfits. I’m thinking watching it will be amusing. It starts out with about 30 minutes of Yoga/Pilates type exercises. Some of them look challenging, but they all give me the urge to move, so I may need to revamp my workout schedule to include it.
So, I am presently thinking I’ll do the Pilates on Tuesday/Thursday instead of the Critical Bench workouts until I build some strength, then work on the Tai Chi routines on Saturday.  Somewhere, I still have a DVD from Doc’s Tai Chi class too. Once I’ve gotten bored with the Carradine period piece, I’ll dig it out and try to remember the forms he uses.  I will, then, add the other routines back into the schedule as I get stronger.
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