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Planning for Health

Posted by on March 25, 2016
No kids next Tuesday. My intention is using the opportunity to set up my workout plan. Painfree, Yoga, Aftershock, Posture fix, and my stationary bike. Just not sure yet, exactly in what order or how often for each.  That’s what I’ll be deciding on Tuesday.  Then I will implement the plan.  I really want to get into better shape by this fall. I feel fine most of the time, but I have little stamina and our annual roadtrip always requires walking and sometimes climbing.  I’m more interested in that than in losing weight, although that is a secondary goal.
I have been working on the diet thing as well. I was eating from about 9am til nearly midnite. Not constantly, of course, I’d be big as the house if I did that. However, between meals and snacks, I was eating every 3 or 4 hours for a total of 12-15 hours a day. I know some diets recommend that kind of schedule, but what I’ve been reading lately indicates it’s not only not necessary, but also a bad idea.
I’m trying to cut my eating back to 8 hours a day. The plan I’m using as my basis, says to wait until you’ve been up for a few hours to eat because that forces your body to burn fat for energy. I never used to eat sooner than that and only weighed 105 lbs. Of course, there were other factors involved in that weight and I really don’t want to go that low again.  The other half of the plan is to stop eating about 2 hours before I go to bed, that’s the hard part for me.  I usually compromise with a healthy snack, like an apple, or a small piece of hard candy.  I’ve been dropping about 1/2 pound a week for the past month or so.  I figure, if I can maintain that from now until the end of September, I should drop about 15 more pounds.  My current weight is 163 so that would put me just below 150, which would bring my BMI into the normal weight range.  
The hardest part will be finding time to do the workouts.  I’m too busy in the mornings, too tired in the evenings and usually have kids in the afternoon.  However, most of my exercise routines can be broken into 15 minute segments so, hopefully, I”ll be able to make room for them.  To assist in the will power department, I’m using a devotional book I purchased as a Lenten exercise, Made to Crave Devotional: 60 Days to Craving God, Not Food by Lysa TerKeurst.  100th birthday, here I come.
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