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Current Events

Searching for the Past

It’s the anniversary of D-Day and everyone seems to be putting it front and center.  I don’t remember them doing this last year or the year before….I’m not sure I remember it ever being such a high priority.  Maybe it started because of old men with brittle bones indulging is past memories like the one who … Continue reading »

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Plotting a Path

This is my oldest website.  I say website instead of blog because it wasn’t a blog in the beginning.  It was a place for our family to post photos and keep in touch with far-flung members.  As time passed, we all grew more busy and the grandchildren grew up.  Posting here became sporadic.  Then it … Continue reading »

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Winding Down the Year

Wow, no posts since Mother’s Day….obviously it is more than a time crunch problem.  I think I’ve had a writer’s block kind of thing going on too.  Anyhow, the year is almost gone and it has been an eventful one.  Three new great-granddaughters have doubled that generational population.  Their siblings are growing up way too … Continue reading »

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Small Stones

I have come to the conclusion that my life is too busy for scheduled moments of quiet contemplation.  There are too many interruptions and unexpected events for me to succeed with a daily commitment of any kind.  I do well to check email regularly.  It didn’t used to be this way.  I used to work … Continue reading »

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Small Stones ~ Day 5

I have a new book.  It came in the mail today.  Ripping open the white puffy envelope is like opening a package on Christmas morning.  Paperback, about 6 x 9 and 1/2 inch thick.  The cover is mostly purple and lavender with touches of copper.  Spindly looking dark purple trees in the foreground, smaller copper … Continue reading »

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